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The purpose of the Michael and Alice Kuhn Foundation is to fund organizations that operate solely within the United States of America, and provide social change programs for the benefit of constituencies which have historically been denied access to social influence, economic power and resources.  The projects and programs of the grantees should involve and benefit low-income people, and should promote systemic change in societal values, institutions, laws and policies that perpetuate inequality, social injustice, and poverty. We also fund organizations that do research and advocacy for public policies that promote systemic change and work to eradicate inequality, social injustice, and poverty, as well as organizations that offer training opportunities for current and future leaders in the fields of community organizing and advocacy.


Special emphasis is placed on encouraging synagogues and other Jewish organizations to participate in these programs.


We also fund educational programs that encourage and enable students of low socioeconomic status and financial need to stay in school, enhance their cultural life, and obtain higher education.  Special emphasis is placed on students who are first in their family to attend institutions of higher education.




  1.  Unsolicited applications for grants are not accepted.
  2.  Grant deadline is November 1st of the grant request year in order to be considered for funding in the following calendar year.  Grants will be awarded following annual meeting of the board of trustees.
  3.  Grant request should be made electronically, and should include:

A.  Grant description, including organization and issue background, and amount requested.

B.  Purpose of grant, proposed work, and projected outcomes.

C.  List of officers and board of directors.

D.  501(C)3 tax letter.

E.  Financial statements of organization, and of the specific program, for the latest completed year and partial year, if applicable.

F.  Project budget for program and organization.  

  1.  All grants must be for domestic (U.S) purposes.
  2.  Foundation does not award grants to international students who are residing in  the U.S. on F or J Visas.





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